The Lost World (play 2015 by Beadle/Adams)

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The Lost World (2015)

The Lost World is an American play written and directed by Richard Adams and Caroline Beadle, performed at the Three Brothers Theatre (Waukegan, IL, USA) from 10 to 25 april 2015.

The play has been funded by crowdfunding via indiegogo with more than 50 funders.

The play is an adaptation of the Conan Doyle's novel: The Lost World (1912).



The Lost World (2015)
Artwork credit: Blair Gunt
  • Professor George Challenger : Jim Behr
  • Professor Arthur Summerlee : Peter Nerad
  • Edward Malone : Richard Adams
  • Lord Roxton : David Motley
  • Gladys Hungerton : Emily Robinson
  • McArdyle : Mike May
  • Malcolm : Joe Raasch
  • Professor Waldron : Jay Stephen
  • Accala Prince/Professor : Paul Raasch
  • Doda Witch Doctor : Natsha Siri
  • Doda Executioner : Ron Paul
  • Doda Tribemen : Zarai Ocampo, Ben Pable, Anna Pable
  • Accala Tribemen : Hayden Rytting, Maisy Woods, Emily Robinson,


  • Director : Caroline Beadle, Richard Adams
  • Playwright : Caroline Beadle, Richard Adams
  • Director's Assistant : Emily Robinson
  • Lighting Design : Jim Neal
  • Sound Design : Jay Stephen
  • Costumes : Shelby Brand, Caroline Beadle, David Motley
  • Set Design : Jim Neal, Josh Malone
  • Props : Jim Neal, David Motley, Josh Malone, Caroline Beadle, Richard Adams
  • Stage Crew : Ron Paul, Emily Robinson, Hayden Rytting, Maisy Woods, Zarai Ocampo, Ben Pable, Anna Pable, Paul Raasch, Mike May, David Motley, Peter Nerad, Jim Behr, Richard Adams, Joe Raasch
  • Anthropological Advisor : Dr. Raymond L. Costa