The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes (documentary 1985)

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The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes (2015)

The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes is an American documentary written by Bob Greenberg and directed by Michael Muscal, produced by Avery Productions Inc. in collaboration with International Tele-Films Enterprizes and Scott Entertainment Inc., aired in 1985, starring Christopher Lee as the presenter and narrator. 47 minutes.

Christopher Lee presents an overview of Sherlock Holmes adaptations (including himself) performed on cinema and television, illustrated by many movie scenes from 1900 to 1985.

Produced as a promotional tie-in with Young Sherlock Holmes (4 december 1985), hence the prominent placement of clips from the film as well as Christopher Lee's narration mentioning Steven Spielberg specifically.

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  • Director : Michael Muscal
  • Screenplay : Bob Greenberg
  • Editor : Stuart C. Shook
  • Associate Editor : Michael Muscal
  • Executive producers : Bob Greenberg, Bruce Curtis
  • Producer London sequence : Jeff Simon
  • Producers / Original Concept : Ray Atherton, Michael R. Avery
  • Associate Producers : Neil Czujko, Edward G. Grier Jr., Brian Yuzna
  • Re-Recording Mixers : Jim Hodson, Stephen Michel
  • Directors of Photography : Peter Kreklow (USA), Steve Haskitt (London)
  • Production Co-ordinators : Beth Anne Binger (USA), Jed Leventhall (London)
  • Production Executive : Kash McKewen
  • Production Associates : Ronnie James, Ron Haydock
  • Memorabilia from the collection of : Ronnie James
  • Marketing Consultant : Scott Sobel
  • Special Artwork : Horsman Design
  • Production Facilities : Primavera Video Productions, Diverse Productions, Sun-West Recorders