The Mask of Moriarty (play 1993 with David Hankins)

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The Mask of Moriarty (1993) program

The Mask of Moriarty is a British play, written by Hugh Leonard and directed by Phil Reynolds, performed by the Talisman Theatre Company at the Talisman Theatre & Arts Centre (Kenilworth, UK) from 30 august to 4 september 1993, starring David Hankins as Sherlock Holmes and David Charlton as Dr. Watson.


© Photos : Zoe Jelley (Talisman Theatre & Arts Centre).


The Mask of Moriarty (1993) program


  • Director : Phil Reynolds
  • Playwright : Hugh Leonard
  • Set Designer : Tim Eden
  • Lighting Designer : Richard Carleton
  • Wardrobe : Barbara Crafts, Mo Padfield
  • Properties : Helen Power, Sue Robottom
  • Sound : Tim Jacob
  • Stage Manager : Ian Roberts
  • Assistant Stage Manager : Helen Wall
  • Set construction : Tim Eden
  • Set Construction Assistants : Mark Robottom, John Ellam, Roy Baldwin
  • Production photographs : Zoe Jelley



  • Scene One : Waterloo Bridge
    A November Evening, 1902
  • Scene Two : 221b Baker Street
    Afternoon, three days later
  • Scene Three : The Crypt, Melmoth Abbey
    The following morning

Interval of 15 minutes


  • Scene One : A Notorious Den of Vice and Nameless Aberrations
    (the one in Limehouse)
    Later the same evening
  • Scene Two : 221b Baker Street
    Even later the same evening