The Mask of Moriarty (play 1999)

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The Mask of Moriarty is an American play written by Hugh Leonard and directed by Richard Kuhlman, performed at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts Theatre (Carmel, CA, USA) from 23 july to 22 august 1999, starring Jeffrey T. Heyer as Sherlock Holmes and Jim McLean as Dr. Watson. The play is a parody.




  • Director : Richard Kuhlman
  • Playwright : Hugh Leonard
  • Set designer : Peter Maslan
  • Costume designer : Rhonda Kirkpatrick (as Rhonda Griffith)
  • Stage manager : Nicole Dickerson
  • Choreographer : Brock Ogletree
  • Prosthetics : Matt Duron
  • Mask design : Matt Duron
  • Special effects : Matt Duron

Plot summary

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are enlisted to prove the innocence of a young man accused of murder on the Waterloo Bridge. The trail of clues and red herrings leads the trusty sleuths to none other than Holmes' arch rival, Professor James Moriarty.