The Mediumship of Ben Jonson

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The Mediumship of Ben Jonson is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 16 march 1927, and published in Psychic Science in april 1927.

The Mediumship of Ben Jonson

Psychic Science (april 1927, p. 71)

Dear Sir,—

Jonson is a very old man now, and it is impossible to say how his mediumship may have changed or his moral fibre deteriorated. I am convinced, at any rate, that he was genuine in that long series which Mr. Yaryan, a professional detective of outstanding ability, undertook with him at Toledo, as narrated in a recent number of PSYCHIC SCIENCE. One cannot read Admiral Moore's accounts without feeling that here also the medium's performance was undoubtedly genuine. I have only sat with him once, and the control was limited, as I state in my "Second American Adventure," by the existence of a door, said to be sealed up into the alcove which was used as a cabinet. I was however, much impressed by what I saw on that occasion, and I have no doubt that I shared the same good fortune as Yaryan and Moore. Any simulation would have entailed the presence of at least half-a-dozen clever personators. There was a good red light in the room. That, however, was three years ago, and I cannot answer for present conditions.

Windlesham. March 16th, 1927.