The Midnight Prowlers

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The Moving Picture World (30 october 1915, p. 918)

The Midnight Prowlers is an American silent movie, directed by Bobby Burns and Walter Stull, produced by Vim Comedy Film Company, released on 12 november 1915 (in USA). Black & White.

Plot summary : see reviews below.

Survival status: unknown.




The Moving Picture World (30 october 1915, p. 1018-1019)

The Midnight Prowlers (Nov. 12) — Mr. and Mrs. Jabbs live in a suburban retreat where the police force is conspicuous by its absence. Burglaries are rife in the neighborhood. The Jabbs family get the scare of their lives one night when the cat pulls a vase from the table in trying to get out of the house for a midnight prowl. A detective must be hired is the secret resolve of both Mr. and Mrs. Jabbs, and forthwith they proceed to hire one. But one does not inform the other which results in Mrs. Jabbs hiring a male sleuth in the person of Loos Pokes and Mr. Jabbs hiring a female Sherlock Holmes.

The two sleuths are unaware of each other's identity and there the trouble begins. Gum Shoe Pete, the cracksman, gets into the house. Mr. and Mrs. Jabbs hear the noise but think it is "only the detectives." Meanwhile the two detectives have met and are spooning in the moonlight (they should worry about burglars).

While Pete is piling his booty in his sack, by an unlucky chance, he stumbles and the pack falls, burying him. The detectives hear the noise. So do Mr. and Mrs. Jabbs. All four appear on the scene. The female sleuth grabs Mrs. Jabbs and the male sleuth grabs Mr. Jabbs and start for the station house. But explanations follow just as the real crook is discovered and all ends as it should.

Motography (13 november 1915, p. 1048)

Midnight Prowlers — Vim — November 12. — Featuring Pokes and Jabbs. Mr. Jabbs hires a female Sherlock Holmes and Mrs. Jabbs engages a male sleuth, unbeknownst to each other. While the two detectives are busy following each other Gun Shoe Pete, a cracksman, gets into the house. Jabbs wakes up and awakes Mrs. Jabbs, but each thinking it is the detective, goes back to sleep again. Meanwhile the female Sherlock and the male Nick Carter are spooning and holding hands in the moonlight. The cracksman makes a noise and is heard by the detective. Mr. and Mrs. Jabbs and the detectives all arrive on the scene at the same time. Mrs. Jabbs is grabbed by the female sleuth and Mr. Jabbs is seized by the male sleuth and start for the station. Just at this time the real cracksman appears at the front door and is caught and lugged off to the lock-up.