The Old Portsmouth Theatre (lecture)

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On wednesday 22 november 1887, Arthur Conan Doyle attended and spoke after the lecture "The Old Portsmouth Theatre" given by by Hugh S. Maclauchlan, at the Portsmouth Literary and Scientific Society (PLSS) meeting in Portsmouth.


  • President/Chairman
    • Mr. James Hay
  • Speakers
    • Hugh S. Maclauchlan (lecturer)
    • Mr. James Hay
    • Mr. G. L. Green
    • Mr. George Long
    • Dr. A. Conan Doyle
    • Dr. J. Ward Cousins
    • Dr. C. C. Claremont
  • Attendees
    • Mr. A. Addison (Mayor of Portsmouth)
    • Sir William King, J.P. (ex-Mayor)
    • General J. W. Cox, C.B., F.R.G.S.
    • Mr. George Long, J.P. (Treasurer)
    • Mr. J. Griffin, J.P.
    • Colonel J. E. Taylor
    • Colonel T. Bryson
    • Captain R. Jackson, R.N.
    • Captain Millar, R.N.
    • Dr. C. C. Claremont
    • Dr. R. O. Bunting
    • Dr. Bernard J. Guillemard
    • Mr. G. L. Green
    • Mr. Hugh S. Maclauchlan
    • Mr. W. T. Porer, R.N.
    • Mr. Lewis P. Lewis, R.N.
    • Mr. C. Foran
    • Mr. W. Inglis, R.N.
    • Mr. J. S. Robinson, R.N.
    • Mr. R. West Taylor
    • Mr. E. Martell
    • Mr. H. Parke, H. Dummer
    • Mr. G. A. Cook, R.N.
    • Mr. G. Ollis
    • Mr. J. M. Ollis, R.N.
    • Mr. J. W. Boughton
    • Mr. H. S. M. McCallum
    • Mr. F. Cameron
    • Mr. A. Howell
    • Mr. E. F. Burton
    • Mr. J. L. Wilkinson
    • Mr. J. S. Roberton
    • Mr. G. F. Bell
    • Dr. A. Conan Doyle (Hon. Sec.)
    • Dr. J. Ward Cousins (Hon. Sec.)
  • Elected members
    • Professor A. M. Worthington
    • Dr. R. Lyddon
    • Dr. Brampton Wright
    • Captain Millar, R.N.
    • Mr. W. Birch
    • Mr. F. Bridges
    • Mr. E. Clayton, B.A.
    • Mr. W. Fowler
    • Mr. J. S. Robinson, R.N.
    • Mr. James Robertson
    • Mr. R. West Taylor
    • Mr. J. W. Walmisley
  • Nominated for membership
    • Mr. J. W. Boughton
    • Mr. Seale
    • Mr. J. W. S. M. McCallum

Conan Doyle contribution

Dr. A. CONAN DOYLE supported the resolution, relating several humorous anecdotes.

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