The Return of Sherlock Holmes (movie 1929)

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The Return of Sherlock Holmes (1929)

The Return of Sherlock Holmes is an American movie released on 26 october 1929, produced by Paramount Pictures, starring Clive Brook as Sherlock Holmes and Henry Reeves-Smith as Dr. Watson. 71 min. Black & White.

This is the first speaking Sherlock Holmes movie but also the first movie with the sentence: « Elementary, my dear Watson ».

The story is about the Dr. Watson's daughter, Mary, which is fianced to Roger Longmore. Longmore is a former prisoner, who worked for professor Moriarty. He has some compromising papers about criminal activities of his ex-boss. Moriarty want to recover the papers but Sherlock Holmes will try to fail his plans. Soon, all parts are gathered on a transatlantic liner. Longmore is murdered. While investigating on his death, he will disguise two times, as a German magician and as a cockney intendant.

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