The Return to Baker Street

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The Return to Baker Street (2017)

The Return to Baker Street is a Canadian play, written by Dan Bray & Jacob Sampson and directed by Andrew Chandler, performed during the Halifax Fringe 2017 at The Waiting Room (Halifax, Canada) from 1 to 10 september 2017 (7 performances), starring Dan Bray as Sherlock Holmes and Jacob Sampson as Dr. Watson. 60 minutes.

Six months after The Final Problem, Dr. John Watson returns to 221B Baker Street to collect on a promise to an old friend. Amongst the debris of his mystery-solving days, Watson relives the twisted riddle that claimed the life of his partner: the champion of deduction, master of disguise, drug-addled lunatic and panic-driven madman, Sherlock Holmes.




  • Director : Andrew Chandler
  • Playwrights : Dan Bray, Jacob Sampson
  • Stage Manager : Chelsea Dickie
  • Dramaturgy : Kathryn McCormack
  • Fight Coach : Jeremy Hutton
  • Graphic Design : Colleen MacIsaac