The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes (play 2008 with Dave Bennett)

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The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes (2008)
The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes (2008)

The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes is a musical British play, written by Leslie Bricusse and directed by Janice Freeman, performed by the Thistles Musical Theatre Company at the Kenneth More Theatre (Ilford, UK) from 23 to 26 april 2008, starring Dave Bennett as Sherlock Holmes and Frazer Freeman as Dr. Watson.

What appears at first to be the final confrontation between master detective Sherlock Holmes and his perennial arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty, proves to be more than even Holmes bargained for: he finds himself facing an old-but-new enemy whose determination to outwit and destroy the great detective is even greater than before. The ensuing intellectual cat-and-mouse games between these two larger-than-life figures form the exciting centrepiece of this original musical based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's characters.