The Search for Sherlock Holmes (documentary 2009)

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The Search for Sherlock Holmes (2009)

The Search for Sherlock Holmes is a British documentary produced by STV and History Channel, directed by David Street, aired on ITV3 on 25 october 2009, starring David Hayman as the presenter. 51 minutes.

David Hayman is an actor known for his role of Detective Superintendant Michael Walker in the British TV series "Trial & Retribution" (1997-2009). His role encourages him to search what made the first great fictional detective famous and find why we still love him today.

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  • Susan Varga, Historian
  • Owen Dudley Edwards, Arthur Conan Doyle Expert
  • Neil McCaw, Director of the Richard Lancelyn Green bequest of the Portsmouth Museum
  • Stephen Fry, Actor & Producer
  • Kate Williams, Writer & Historian
  • Clive Emsley, Historian & Criminologist
  • Catherine Cooke, Librarian
  • Matthew Sweet, Author & Historian
  • Rachel Foss, Curator of the ACD collection of the British Library
  • Lynda La Plante, Crime Writer


  • Director : David Street
  • Producer : David Street
  • Graphics : Jonathan Scott
  • Illustrations : Joe Austen
  • Music : Paul farrer
  • Photography : Paul Riley, Neil Higginson
  • Sound : Allan Young, Paul Hellard, Nick Walker
  • Dubbing Mixer : Amanda Rae
  • Offline Editor : Cassie Durham
  • Online Editor : Robert Scott
  • Researcher : Stevie Whiteford
  • Assistant Producer : Yvonne Gray
  • Post Production Supervisor : Lynn Morrison
  • Production Co-ordinator : Jennifer Docherty
  • Production Executive : Katie Walmsley
  • Executive Producer for STV : Michael McAvoy
  • Executive Producer for History : Rachel Job