The Secret of the Magnifique

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The Secret of the Magnifique

The Secret of the Magnifique is the 4th episode in season 2 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 19 february 1973. 50 min.

J. T. Laxworthy is a fictional character created by E. Phillips Oppenheim in 1913.

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Plot summary

The mysterious Mr. Laxworthy hires two ex-cons for a job in the south of France. But the self-described "adventurer" isn't after money. His eyes are on greater prizes - the most valuable secret of the French navy and the reputation of two very important men.


  • J. T. Laxworthy : Bernard Hepton
  • Anderson : Neil Mac Carthy
  • Sydney Wing : Christopher Neame
  • Mrs Bertrand : Mitzi Rogers
  • Amiral Christador : John Nettleton
  • Feeling Poington : Bruce Boa
  • Marquis Lefant : Gary Watson
  • Marie : Marie Peacock
  • Mr. Helder : Peter Birrel
  • Mrs Farrow : Joan Heath
  • Foster : Larry Cross


  • Director : Derek Bennett
  • Screenplay : Gerald Kelsey
  • Producers : Reginald Collin / Kim Mills
  • Music : Robert Sharples