The Sensible Action of Lieutenant Holst

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The Sensible Action of Lieutenant Holst

The Sensible Action of Lieutenant Holst is the 6th episode in season 2 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 4 march 1973. 50 min.

Lieutenant Holst is a fictional character created by Palle Rosenkrantz.

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Plot summary

The dangers of revolutionary Russia come to quiet Copenhagen when a countess from St. Petersburg flees to the Danish capital, claiming her anarchist brother-in-law is trying to kill her. The case falls to local cop Lt. Holst, who struggles to make sense of it all.


  • Lieutenant Holst : John Thaw
  • Ulla Holst : Virginia Stride
  • Maria Wolkonski : Catherine Schell
  • Dimitri Wolkonski : Philip Madoc
  • Vordov : Anthony Newlands
  • Molbech : Vernon Dobtcheff
  • Inspector Anderson : Michael Turner
  • Sergeant : Michael Bient
  • Fat man : Paul Whitsun Jones
  • Hotel Receptionist : Peter Whitebread
  • Jeweller : John Gatrell
  • Policeman : Ian Stirling
  • Nicolai Wolonski : Julian Fox
  • Girl : Sussanna Cast
  • Russian police captain : Tony Sinbbald


  • Director : Jonathan Alwyn
  • Screenplay : Michael Meyer
  • Producers : Reginald Collin, Kim Mills
  • Music : Robert Sharples