The Shackles of Sherlock

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The Shackles of Sherlock (2007)

The Shackles of Sherlock is a British documentary produced and directed by Paul Griffin (Hamma & Glamma Productions), aired on ITV3 in 2007, starring David Burke as the presenter. 47 minutes.

The documentary explains how Arthur Conan Doyle was always brought back to Sherlock Holmes despite his efforts to get rid of it.

David Burke, the presenter, is famous in the role of Dr. Watson alongside Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes in 1984-1985 in the TV series Sherlock Holmes.

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  • Gyles Brandeth, Author of "Oscar Wilde Murder Mysteries"
  • David Stuart Davies, Author of "Starring Sherlock Holmes"
  • John L. Lellenberg, Co-Author of "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A Life in letters"
  • Owen Dudley Edwards, Editor of "The Oxford Sherlock Holmes"
  • Andrew Lycett, Author of "The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes"
  • Dawn Kemp, Curator, Surgeons' Hall Museum (Edinburgh)
  • Peter James, Crime Writer
  • Jeffrey Archer, Author
  • Val McDermid, Crime Writer
  • Natasha Cooper, Crime Writer


  • Director : Paul Griffin
  • Producer : Paul Griffin