The Sign of the Four (radio 1922)

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WGY actors and sound effects
(probably not from The Sign of Four).
Fremont Daily Messenger
(7 november 1922, p. 4)

The Sign of the Four is an American radio show produced and performed by WGY Players and Orchestra, broadcasted on WGY from (Schenectady, NY, USA) in 4 parts on thursday 9 november 1922, starring Edward H. Smith as Sherlock Holmes and F. H. Oliver as Dr. Watson.

The show is an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel : The Sign of Four (1890).

This is the first radio adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story.



  • First episode : In Sherlock Holmes study; the science of deduction; the statement of the case; in quest of the solution. The story of the dwarf and the wooden legged man.
    Instrumental selection : Valse triste (Jean Sibelius).
  • Second episode : The tragedy of the Pondicherry Lodge. Holmes gives a demonstration.
    Instrumental selection : The Erlking (Franz Schubert).
  • Third episode : The episode of the barrel; the Baker Street Irregulars; the break in the chain.
    Instrumental selection : Dance mysterious (Staintin).
  • Fourth episode : Holmes awaits developments at Smith's boat house; the end of the Islander; the grat Agra treasure; the strange story of Jonathan Small.
    Instrumental selection : Marceline (François).