The Sleuth

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The Sleuth (1925)

The Sleuth is an American silent movie produced by Joe Rock (Stan Laurel Productions), directed by Harry Sweet, distributed by Film Booking Offices of America Inc., released on 30 june 1925 in USA, starring Stan Laurel as Webster Dingle. 26 minutes (2 reels).

The plot of the movie is not related to Arthur Conan Doyle stories, but the sleuth Webster Dingle (Stan Laurel) is dressed with a deerstalker worn as usual or from left to right, and an enormous calabash pipe.

Webster Dingle, a detective, is hired by a lady to invesgate on her husband which is suspected to be a crook and a womanizer.

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  • Webster Dingle : Stan Laurel
  • The Husband : Glen Cavender
  • The Wife : Alberta Vaughn
  • The Other Woman : Anita Garvin


  • Director : Harry Sweet
  • Producer : Joe Rock
  • Titles : Tay Garnett
  • Photography : Edgar Lyons


Title card example in this movie.

Some titles were undertitled "Stan Laurel Comedies"

  • "Your lunch, Web."
  • "I'll solve it! I'm a detective!"
  • "— A paltry million? — I should say not!"
  • "Your phone is now connected."
  • "My husband——"
  • "Just a moment!"
  • "I have it! I believe it's an idea!"
  • "Leave it to me — An' trust to luck!"
  • Darkness fell —— Must have hit something because day broke a few hours later——
  • "I'm the new maid."
  • "Control yourself, Tilford!"
  • "An hour sneaked by— Unobserved—"
  • "Sh! I'm on his track!"
  • "He got away!"
  • A girl who knows her onions— And three choice onions——
  • "Get rid of that pest!"
  • "— And get the papers — Any papers'll do!"
  • "You're the one I'm after!"
  • "Here's luck — You'll need it!"
  • "I have the papers!"
  • "Stand back — Fools!"
  • "— A rose to the strongest — My Tarzans!"