The Story of my Life, by a Russian Exile

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On Wednesday 25 january 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle presided and spoke after the lecture "The Story of my Life, by a Russian Exile" by Felix Volkhovski, at the Upper Norwood Literary and Scientific Society (UNLSS) meeting held at Norwood.


Conan Doyle contribution

The PRESIDENT (Arthur Conan Doyle), in proposing a vote of thanks to the lecturer, expressed his admiration of his pluck, not only in his adventures but in thus addressing an audience in a foreign language. As signs of the times, we had had in three successive years three great books on Russia, by George Keenan, Harold Friedrichs, and E. B. Lanim. The next great war will be the turning point of Russian freedom. The nation may come safely through it, but the Government will find themselves entered on a contest which will not leave them.

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