The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It

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The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It (1977)

The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It is a British TV movie written and directed by John Cleese, produced by London Weekend Television & Shearwater Films, starring John Cleese (Arthur Sherlock-Holmes) and Arthur Lowe (Dr. William Watson). Released on 18 september 1977. 54 minutes.



  • Directed  : Joseph McGrath
  • Screenplay : John Cleese
  • Original Idea : Jack Hobbs, Joseph McGrath
  • Producer : Humphrey Barclay
  • Executive Producer : Kenneth Harper
  • Original Music : Ivor Slaney
  • Cinematography : Ken Higgins
  • Film Editor : Rusty Coppleman
  • Casting : Marilyn Johnson
  • Art Director : George Djurkovic
  • Costume Design : Hazel Pethig
  • Makeup Supervisor : Alan Boyle
  • Hair Stylist : Stephanie Kaye
  • Production Manager : Nicholas Gillott
  • Assistant Director : Roger Simons
  • Assistant Art Director : Peta Button
  • Sound Recordist : Tony Dawe
  • Dubbing Editor : Peter Lennard
  • Dubbing Mixer : Hugh Strain
  • Camera Operator : Chic Anstiss
  • Continuity : Pat Rambaut

Plot summary (spoiler)

Several government figures are shot to death, and it seems that it truly is the end of civilization as we know it - until the President learns that the grandson of Sherlock Holmes is living at 221B Baker Street, and send the Police Commissioner of Scotland Yard to employ him. Unfortunately, Arthur Sherlock-Holmes is a quick-tempered, ranting, violent bungler, and his assistant, Dr. William Watson (grandson of Dr. John H. Watson) is one of the most moronic creatures ever to walk the earth, although he is invaluable because he has "bionic bits". Holmes has inherited a drug habit from his grandfather, one which his housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson, is less than discreet about, and the sleek Moriarty is also one step ahead of him, eventually murdering the police commissioner. Finally, Holmes decides to hold a party, inviting the world's most distinguished detectives, hoping to flush Moriarty out of hiding. However, they are all murdered by Mrs. Hudson disguised as Watson. Mrs. Hudson is in fact the granddaughter of Professor Moriarty wishing to avenge his grand-father. She kills Holmes and Watson.