The Trial of Sherlock Holmes (play 1975)

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The Trial of Sherlock Holmes (1975)

The Trial of Sherlock Holmes is an American play, written by Edward A. Koplowitz, performed by The Barristers Club of San Francisco at the Little Theatre, Palace of the Legion of Honor (San Francisco, CA, USA) on 13-15 and 20-22 november 1975, starring James Donadio as Sherlock Holmes and Norman MacLeod as Dr. Watson.



  • Playwright : Edward A. Koplowitz
  • Musicians
    • Violin/ Viola : Guy Blandin Colburn
    • Piano : Charles Ferguson-Lawrence
    • Violin : Jonathan Jordan
    • Bass / Trumpet : Bruce D. Kreiger
    • Clarinet : Michael D. Mason
    • Trumpet / Flugel horn : Jeff Shapiro