The Undershaw Rifle Club

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The Undershaw Rifle Club is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Farnham, Haslemere and Hindhead Herald on 5 january 1901.

The Undershaw Rifle Club

Sir, — Would you permit me through the medium of your columns to acknowledge the help which I have had in the formation of this rifle club. Through the kindness of Mr. Harman, Mr. Ingham Whitaker, Mr. Charles Maclaren, M.P., Mr. Barrie, Mr. Bernard Hamilton, the Rev. J. M. Jeakes, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Turle, Dr. Lyndon, Mr. Henslowe, Mr. Anderson Wells, Mr. Bulley, and Miss James, the task has been very much lightened, while I must also acknowledge the courtesy of Mrs. Tyndall in permitting me to place the butts upon her ground. The Club has been a very great success, and we hope soon to have a hundred good riflemen. There is, however, room at the firing points for many more, and all are welcome from 2 to 4.30 every Wednesday and Saturday. None need hesitate to come because they have never used a rifle, for those are the very men we want. The age limits are from sixteen to sixty.

I hope to see similar clubs started at Headley, Churt, Tilford, Witley, Chiddingfold, and especially at Haslemere. If any gentleman desires to organise one, and so help in what is a very urgent public duty, I will be happy to furnish him with full information as to the methods by which we have brought our own to success.

Yours faithfully,