The Valley of Fear (play 1984)

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The Valley of Fear (1984)
Programme (p. 2-3)

The Valley of Fear is a British play, produced by Triangle Productions, sponsored by Candor Motor Ltd., dramatised, directed and played by John D. Vincent (Sherlock Holmes), at the St. Mary's Arts Centre (Colchester, UK) during the week of 22 march 1984 [1].

This is an adaptation of the Arthur Conan Doyle's novel: The Valley of Fear (1914).




  • Act I. - Murder : 221b Baker Street, 7th January, 1888.
  • Interval
  • Act II. - The Scowrers : America, 4th February, 1875.
  • Interval
  • Act III. - The Solution : Birlstone, 7th January, 1888.

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