Thing is Missing

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The Addams Family: Thing is Missing (1965)

Thing is Missing is the 23th episode in season 1 of the American TV series The Addams Family, aired on 5 march 1965 on TV. 25 min.

In this episode Gomez Addams wears a deerstalker, a meerschaum pipe and a magnifying glass to investigate on the disappearance of the Thing (the hand in the box). However, Sherlock Holmes is not mentioned.



  • Gomez Addams : John Astin
  • Morticia Addams : Carolyn Jones
  • Uncle Fester : Jackie Coogan
  • Lurch / Thing : Ted Cassidy
  • Grandmama Addams : Blossom Rock
  • Wednesday Addams : Lisa Loring
  • Pugsley Addams : Ken Weatherwax
  • Sam Diamond : Tommy Farrell
  • Mr. Boswell : Charles Wagenheim
  • Detective : Ray Kellogg

  • Director : Sidney Lanfield
  • Screenplay : Bill Lutz, Lorraine Edwards, David Levy, Charles Addams
  • Music : Vic Mizzy