Thorpe Asylum v. 8th Hussars

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Thorpe Asylum v. 8th Hussars is a cricket score result published in The Eastern Daily Press on 17 september 1891.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Thorpe Asylum) won.

Thorpe Asylum is now known as the St. Andrews Cricket Club.

Thorpe Asylum v. 8th Hussars

The Eastern Daily Press (17 september 1891, p. 3)

Played at the Asylum on Saturday, and resulted in a victory for the Asylum by an innings and 133 runs. Mr. Doyle, Dr. Wreford, and E. Wilson played well for the Asylum. In the first innings Dr. Wreford captured six wickets for 23 runs, and in the second Mr. Doyle secured six for 28, and Mr. Harrison three for 28.

Thorpe Asylum — Harrison 7, Wilson 54, Dr. Thomson 0, Doyle 92, Dr. Wreford 26, Eastman 5, Whatley 16, Hulse 1, Dr. Ryan 4, Pountney 5, Allatson 2, extras 24 ; totals. 235.

8th Hussars — Lacey 13-9, Chapman 2-6, A. Paley 0-0, R. Paley 4-0, Corporal Russell 0-7, Sergeant Smith 8-5, Farrier-Sergeant-Major King 3-10, Clarke 8-0, Farrier-Quartermaster-Sergeant Rose 3-7, Sergeant Himpton 0-7, extras 5-5; totals, 46-56.