To Kill a King (play 1981)

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Sherlock Holmes (Bernard Horsfall) and Dr. Watson (Peter Harlowe).

To Kill a King is a British play, written by Royce Ryton and directed by Adrian Rendle, performed by the Actors' Company at the Arts Theatre (Cambridge, UK) from 5 to 10 october 1981 (see other dates), starring Bernard Horsfall as Sherlock Holmes and Peter Harlowe as Dr. Watson.




  • 5-10 october 1981 : Arts Theatre (Cambridge, UK)
  • 19-24 october 1981 : Capitol Theatre (Horsham, UK)
  • 26-31 october 1981 : Ashcroft Theatre (Croydon, UK)
  • 17 november 1981 : Nell Gwynne Theatre (Hereford, UK)