Trailing The Counterfeiter

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Mack Sennett and Fred Mace (the two sleuths) dressed as Sherlock Holmes. (The Moving Picture World, 1911, p. 95)

Trailing The Counterfeiter is an American silent movie released on 12 october 1911 (in USA), produced by Biograph Film Co. 529 feet. Black & White.

Survival status: unknown.


  • The Sleuth #1 : Mack Sennett
  • The Sleuth #2 : Fred mace


Plot summary

The Moving Picture World, 7 october 1911, p. 62
  • The Moving Picture World, 7 october 1911, p. 62

TRAILING THE COUNTERFEITER (Oct. 12) — This is another big mystery on which the two famous Biograph Sherlocks go to work. These two sleuths, as before, nearly catch the criminal. When they read in the newspapers of the mystery. they set out to solve it. They, of course, trail the wrong man. while real detectives run down the right one, and also arrest the sleuths for butting in. The police captain, however, lets them go, but later, when they, thinking they have discovered the crook's hiding place, blow in the wall of the police station, they are cooped up.