Undershaw v. Mr. Turle's Eleven

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Undershaw (Dr. Conan Doyle's Eleven) v. Mr. Turle's Eleven is a cricket result published in The Sporting Life on 6 august 1898.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Undershaw) won.

Undershaw v. Mr. Turle's Eleven

The Sporting Life (6 august 1898, p. 2)

This, the third match of the "Week," was played on August 3, and was won by Dr. Conan Dole's team by 118 runs. Score:—

MR. TURLE'S ELEVEN. — W. D. Dobell 0, O. E. Pease 5, A. Harding 1, E. Short 1, H. W. Steadman 52, A. E. Clerk 28, S. Charrington 44, B. Maughan 2, D. Charrington 1, T. Marshall 4, E. Turle not out 1; byes, &c., 10. — Total, 149.

UNDERSHAW.A. H. Wood 12, H. H. Fellgate 4, Rev. A. L. Porter 93, A. Conan Doyle 5, Captain Trevor 10, V. B. Monro 18, A. H. Sharman 53, E. H. Marriette 45, D. Donkin 10, G. Holden not out 0; byes, &c., 17. — Total, 267. P. Butler did not bat.