Vasily Livanov

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Vasily Livanov as Sherlock Holmes in Знакомство (1979)

Vasily Borisovich Livanov (born 19 july 1935) is a Russian actor who played Sherlock Holmes in the TV movies divided in two series Sherlok Kholms i Doktor Vatson (Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson) aired in 1980 and Priklyucheniya Sherloka Kholmsa i Doktora Vatsona (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson) aired between 1980-1988 with Vitaly Solomin as Dr. Watson. Because of this role, on 20 february 2006, he became an Honorary MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) "for service to the theatre and performing arts". The movies are quite faithful to the original Conan Doyle stories. The actors were chosen because of their British looking and their resemblances to the Sidney Paget illustrations.

In 1985, Vasily Livanov gave his voice to Sherlock Holmes in a short Russian TV cartoon named Мы с Шерлоком Холмсом (Me and Sherlock Holmes).



Приключения Шерлока Холмса и Доктора Ватсона
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

Шерлок Холмс и Доктор Ватсон
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson