Wild Animals in Captivity and Domestic Animals

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On tuesday 16 november 1892, Arthur Conan Doyle attended and spoke after the lecture "Wild Animals in Captivity and Domestic Animals" at the Upper Norwood Literary and Scientific Society (UNLSS) meeting.


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Conan Doyle contribution

The PRESIDENT (Dr. Conan Doyle) proposed a vote of thanks to the lecturer, and in doing so be remarked that the animal he knew best was the Polar bear. When he was up in the Arctic Seas, he had opportunities of studying this interesting creature, and on one oocasion the interesting creature studied him. He was out on an iceberg one day, when he saw one coming towards him. Of course, it was all sport; but at the time he did not know which one of them was having the sport. However, he was pleased to say that the head of his friend was now snugly reposing in his study. (Laughter.)

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