Šerloks Holmss: misis Hadsones sapņi

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Šerloks Holmss: misis Hadsones sapņi (2019)

Šerloks Holmss: misis Hadsones sapņi (Sherlock Holmes: Mrs. Hudson's Dreams) is a Latvian play, directed by Alexey Sinitsin, performed by at the Riga Russian Theater (Riga, Latvia) from 22 february to 22 may 2019, starring Olga Nikulina as Sherlock Holmes and Julia Berngardt as Dr. Watson.

The director, Aleksey Sinitsin, describes the play as : « A clown genre that will not only create the weird and unreal mystery world of Mrs. Hudson, but will also allow the audience to reassess the great detective characteristics in a fun form. There is practically no text in the production. »


© Photos : Inese Kalnina.



  • Director : Alexey Sinitsin (Алексей Синицын)
  • Set / Costumes : Alexandra Pershai (Александра Першай)