Бейкер Стрит 221Б (TV episode 2013)

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Sherlock Holmes on a crime scene

Бейкер Стрит 221Б (221b Baker Street) is the first episode of the first season of the Russian series Шерлок Холмс starring Igor Petrenko (Holmes) and Andrei Panin (Watson), aired on 18 november 2013 on Russia1 (86 minutes). The storyline is based on a mix of The Adventure of Black Peter and A Scandal in Bohemia with various modifications of the original characters names. This first episode starts with the meeting of Holmes and Watson, but differently than the original story although quite similar.

The introductory speech by Watson is taken from A Study in Scarlet phrases 3-5 + 8 and some bits of 9 and 11.


Plot summary

John Watson arrives in London to establish as a doctor, but he knows no one and doesn't know where to install his office. By chance, he meets Sherlock Holmes in the street where an accident has occurred and a famous pickpocket, Jack Izzy, has been killed. Watson examines the body and is taken to the police station as a witness. Holmes and Watson help to prove that the cabman is not guilty, as he was wrongly accused by the police. But Holmes knows this is case of murder, and not an accident. When they leave the police station, Holmes asks Watson if he wants to stay in 221b Baker Street, where there is a free room. Watson accepts and installs himself. In the evening, Watson is intrigued by Holmes who is leaving Baker Street disguised as a drunken man. He decides to follow him to discover his strange activities. Holmes arrives in a pub of ill fame and is knocked down by thugs. Watson saves him but Holmes is mad at him because it was part of his scheme. They return to Baker Street and have a few drinks while Holmes demonstrates his deduction skills about the murder. Holmes had found 6 letters on the dead man and published a classified ad in all the newspapers for the owner to retrieve his letters (1). Soon, Lady Nelligan is claiming the letters, she wants to get them back as they are compromising the marriage between her niece and Count Lengton (2). She explains the letters were given to his maid, Mrs Jessica Carry, in order for her to pass them to Roger, her niece's secret lover. But Peter Carry (3), her husband, started blackmailing Lady Nelligan (4). She asks Holmes to retrieve all 12 letters. Later, while Holmes is out, Watson stumbles upon a burglar in Holmes' room. He runs after him until they reach an isolated house. He is knocked down and awakes arrested by the police, as the place is now a crime scene: the corpse of Peter Carry is impaled on the wall with a harpoon and his wife is stabbed to death in a trunk. Holmes is requested to come, and he deduces the course of events. The Carrys had been murdered by two different men. Holmes knows where to find them. He leads the police in a fighting room where he checks in as "Basil Rathbone (5) the Barbarian" for a fight. But Watson knocks him down to take his place against "Shark Strotter". The fight is easy for Watson and Strotter is arrested. In order to know who is Strotter's boss, they allow him to escape from the police car. In the meantime, in Lady Nelligan's house, Holmes and Watson confound Roger Smith as the false lover and the original blackmailer. Holmes reveals that Smith started the blackmail, Peter Carry stole the letters, Smith hired Strotter to get them back but he killed Carry. Confounded, Smith manages to escape but he is finally killed by Strotter, who is arrested. Holmes retrieved the remaining letters on Smith's body and Louise could marry Count Lengton.


  • Director : Andrei Kavun (Андрей Кавун)
  • Screenplay : Zoya Kudrya (Зоя Кудря), Oleg Pogodin (Олег Погодин), Leonid Porokhnya (Леонид Порохня), Andrei Kavun (Андрей Кавун), Oleg Kavun (Олег Кавун)
  • Editor : Aleksandra Vinogradova (Александра Вуноградова)
  • Music composer : Gary Miller (Гари Миллер)
  • Music producer : Rimma Drozdova (Римма Дроздова)
  • Operator : Antuan Vivas-Denisov (Антуан Вивас-Денисов)
  • Art Producers : Vladimir Svetozarov (Владимир Светозаров), Marina Nikolaeva (Маруна Ныколаева)
  • Costumes : Larisa Konnikova (Лариса Конникова)
  • Make-up : Liliya Riseckaya (лилия Русецкая)
  • Sound Director : Aleksander Fedenev (Александр Феденев)
  • Editing : Andrey Melnikov (Андрей Мельников), Nikolai Buligin (Николай Булыгин)
  • Executive producers : Dimitry Dobuzinsky (Дмитрий Добужинский), Olga Maksimova (Ольга Максимова)
  • Producers : Ekaterina Efanova (Екатерина Ефанова), Denis Frolov (Денис Фролов)

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