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Миссъ Шерлокъ (play 1907 with Loranskaya)

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Cast in "Обозрение Tеатров" (Review of Theatres, 28 july 1907, p. 7)

Миссъ Шерлокъ (Miss Sherlock) is a Russian operetta in 4 acts performed at the Garden Eden Theatre (Saint Petersburg, Russia) on 28 july 1907, starring Loranskaya as Miss Sherlock.

The play was also performed in 1906 with a different cast: Миссъ Шерлокъ.

Plot summary

In New York's banking house Marton and Co., a robbery was carried out, for papers worth of 2 million dollars. At first the suspect of the crime was accountant Wilbert. But, with the involvement of the woman-detective Miss Sherlock, Wilbert was freed of charges and the true culprit was found: Robertson, Marton's companion who did the crime under the influence of his lover Yulya Garrington and her relative Charles. Miss Sherlock and her companion Atkins, by risking their lives repeatedly, getting into all sorts of dangers and disguising, break into Yulya Garrington's house and find the stolen papers. The third act takes place in a third-sort pub during a ball-mascarade with dance, songs and music. In conclusion, the culprit Robinson shoots himself, Yulya goes insane, and Miss Sherlock and Atkinson get a reward for solving the crime.


  • Miss Sherlock : Loranskaya (Лоранская)
  • Marton : Volynsky (Волынскій)
  • Wilbert : Alasheevsky (Алашеевскій)
  • Robertson : Khovansky I. (Хованскій І.)
  • Yulya Garrington : Grametsaya (Грамецая)
  • Charles : Roslavlev (Рославлевъ)
  • Young, Director Secret Police : Markov (Марковъ)
  • Atkins : Leonidov (Леонидовъ)
  • Jenny, maid : Volkonskaya (Волконская)
  • McGuire, a tramp : Nedolin (Недолинъ)
  • Uncle Sam : Orlov (Орловъ)
  • Sheriff : Gorelov (Горѣловъ)
  • Constable : Khovansky ІІ. (Хованскій ІІ.)


  • Director : I. E. Shuvalov (И. Е. Шувалова)

  • Acknowledgement: Alexander Orlov.