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На Столичномъ Небосклонѣ

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На Столичномъ Небосклонѣ (In the Sky of the Capital i.e. Saint Petersburg) is a Russian play in 3 acts performed at the Buff Theatre (Saint Petersburg, Russia) on 5-9 february 1907, starring Polonsky as Sherlock Holmes.

The play was a 'revue', with almost no plot but with inclusion of well-known 'types' and characters, including Sherlock Holmes. The detective appears in the 2nd act "Visiting Melpomene" (В гостях у Мельпомены).


  • Sherlock Holmes : Polonsky (Полонскій)
  • The rest of the cast (see image below) is not related to Conan Doyle.


  • Director : A. A. Bryansky (А. A. Брянскій)
  • Music Conductor : V. I. Shlachek (В. І. Шлачекъ)

Cast in "Обозрение Tеатров" (Review of Theatres, 4-5 february 1907, p. 12)

  • Acknowledgement: Alexander Orlov.