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Неоконченное Дело

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Неоконченное Дело (The Unfinished Case) is a Soviet play, written by Yakov Borisov [1] and directed by M. Malinin, performed at the Vologda Regional Theatre from 27 december 1963 to june 1964 [2], starring Pavel Budyak as Sherlock Holmes.

According to the characters the play is probably adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories The Adventure of the Yellow Face (Monroe & Effie), The Sign of Four or The Red-Headed League (as Jones may refer to Athelney Jones or Peter Jones) and maybe others because of Professor Moriarty.


  • Sherlock Holmes : Pavel Budyak (Павел Будяк)
  • Dr. Watson : ?
  • Lestrade : A. Gulkovsky (А. Гульковский)
  • Monroe : V. Lazarev (В. Лазарев)
  • Effie : ?
  • Moriarty : ?
  • Jones : ?



  1. Collective nickname of authors Yakov Dymskoy (Яков Дымской) and Boris Privalov (Борис Привалов).
  2. 148 performances in 5 theatres between january-june 1964, and 211 performances in 7 theatres over the entire year 1964.

  • Acknowledgment: Alexander Orlov.