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Паяцы (Clowns) is the 3rd episode of the first season of the Russian series Шерлок Холмс starring Igor Petrenko (Holmes) and Andrei Panin (Watson), aired on 20 november 2013 on Russia1 (89 minutes). The storyline is a mix between The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans and A Scandal in Bohemia.

The introductory speech by Watson is from the original short story A Scandal in Bohemia phrases 1-6 + 11.


Plot summary

Sailor Tom Taylor and his fiancée decide to go to a photographer to immortalize their love. When the photographer uses the camera, it explodes, killing him instantly. Tom Taylor is, indeed, a spy who owns top secret information about a submarine (1). This is why Mycroft Holmes advice Lestrade to seek help from Sherlock Holmes, in order to resolve the case. On the scene, Holmes discovers that the bomb was intended to destroy the photo lab, and not to kill Taylor. When Holmes brings the pieces of photographs together again, he discovers the photograph stolen by Irene Adler in his apartment (2). There are several men on the photo, but only two of them are still alive: Charlie Williams, a former friend of Watson, and a mysterious character, half concealed in the shadows. Holmes thinks that Irene Adler knows something about that case. He asks Watson to go and put a bomb in Irene's apartment, so she would grab her most precious possessions if threatened. When the bomb explodes, Irene takes a photo in her safe and leaves (3). Holmes stops her and takes the photo: it's the same that was destroyed in the photo lab. On the same day, Irene Adler is abducted, and Holmes receives a letter. If he wants to save Irene, he has to provoke a war between France and the United States, by creating a discord among the ambassadors. Holmes faces a tough choice: save Irene and trigger a war, or let Irene die and save thousands of lives. Holmes chooses Irene. He slips into the Unites States embassy, pretending to be the ambassador of France, and reaches the ambassador's wife bedroom. But the ambassador discovers him, and Holmes has to flee. The day after, during a reception in the French embassy, the American ambassador accuses the French one to sleep with his wife and shoots him in front of all the guests. As soon as Irene is freed, Holmes reveals in a very theatrical way (4) that the ambassador was not really killed and that the murder was put together to free Irene and avoid any diplomatic incident. After all these trials and tribulations, Holmes recognizes on the photograph a clock in Admiral Bills' office. He rushes there to have an explanation, but Tom Taylor appears suddenly and kills the Admiral, saying he is a German spy. In the confusion, Holmes steals a photo album and discovers on a caption the name of the mysterious character... Moriarty.




  • Screenplay : Zoya Kudrya (Зоя Кудря), Oleg Pogodin (Олег Погодин), Leonid Porokhnya (Леонид Порохня), Andrei Kavun (Андрей Кавун), Oleg Kavun (Олег Кавун)
  • Director : Andrei Kavun (Андрей Кавун)
  • Operator : Antuan Vivas-Denisov (Антуан Вивас-Денисов)
  • Music composer : Gary Miller (Гари Миллер)
  • Music producer : Rimma Drozdova (Римма Дроздова)
  • Editor : Aleksandra Vinogradova (Александра Вуноградова)
  • Art Producers : Vladimir Svetozarov (Владимир Светозаров), Marina Nikolaeva (Маруна Ныколаева)
  • Film prop : Oleg Judin (Олег Юдин)
  • Costumes : Larisa Konnikova (Лариса Конникова)
  • Make-up : Liliya Riseckaya (лилия Русецкая)
  • Sound Director : Aleksander Fedenev (Александр Феденев)
  • Editing : Andrey Melnikov (Андрей Мельников), Nikolai Buligin (Николай Булыгин)
  • Executive producers : Dimitry Dobuzinsky (Дмитрий Добужинский), Olga Maksimova (Ольга Максимова)
  • Producers : Ekaterina Efanova (Екатерина Ефанова), Denis Frolov (Денис Фролов)

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