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Подвиги Сыщика Тайной Полиціи Шерлока Хольмса

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Подвиги Сыщика Тайной Полиціи Шерлока Хольмса (The Exploits of the Secret Police Detective Sherlock Holmes) is a Russian play in 20 scenes performed at the Zoological Garden (Saint Petersburg, Russia) on 10-12 june 1907, starring Bersenyev as Sherlock Holmes and Adrianov as Dr. Watson.

The play is a mix between two Arthur Conan Doyle's novels : A Study in Scarlet (1887) and The Hound of the Baskervilles (1901).

Plot Summary

"The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes" is an extravaganza borrowed from novels by Conan Doyle, the greater part are fictitious. Sherlock Holmes, gold digger, in love with Lucy, the daughter of a planter Ferrier, but the latter is held captive by the Mormons. Sherlock Holmes have to make some extraordinary actions, first he marry Lucy, despite the machinations of the cunning and cruel Mormons and then to find and free his wife, kidnapped by the same Mormons. Holmes, of course, comes out unscathed from all dangerous provisions and triumphs, evil is punished. In the final scene people welcomes the dawn of peace, happiness and freedom.


Cast in "Обозрение Tеатров" (Review of Theatres, 10 june 1907, p. 9)
  • Sherlock Holmes : Bersenyev (Берсеньевъ)
  • Dr. Watson : Adrianov (Адриановъ)
  • Lucy, Holmes' bride : Fanina (Фанина)
  • John Ferrier, his father : Vavilonsky (Вавилонскій)
  • Patriarch of Mormons : Adrianov (Адриановъ)
  • Jefferson : Polozov (Полозовъ)
  • Drebber : Galinsky (Галинскій)
  • Mormon : Orlov (Орловъ)
  • Warder of Mormons : Leontyev (Леонтьевъ)
  • Steamboat Captain : Fedorov (Федоровъ)
  • Officer escort guards : Bogdanov (Богдановъ)
  • James, prisoner : Konych (Конычъ)
  • Passer : Grigoryev (Григорьевъ)
  • Lestrade : Shchegolev (Щеголевъ)
  • Gregson : Shelkovsky (Шелковскій)
  • Constable : (Бояркинъ)
  • Henry Baskerville, wealthy landowner : Vavilonsky (Вавилонскій)
  • Dr. Marilov, his friend : Fedorov (Федоровъ)
  • Mr. Barrymore : Polozov (Полозовъ)
  • Eliza Barrymore : Starkovskaya (Старковская)
  • Killed criminal : Prokhorov (Прохоровъ)
  • Sailor : Nikolsky (Никольскій)
  • Servant : Khudyakov (Худяковъ)


  • Director : S Trefilov (С. Трефиловъ)

  • Acknowledgement: Alexander Orlov.