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Шер-Лок и Дюймовочка

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Шер-Лок и Дюймовочка (2017)

Шер-Лок и Дюймовочка (Sher-Lok and Thumbelina) is a Russian musical play directed by Dmitry Sarvin, performed by Theatre Georgiya Daneliya in Moscow and St. Petersburg, from may to october 2017, starring Artem Bordovsky as Sher and Alexander Berg as Lok.

The musical is a parodical crossover between Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and Hans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina. The fairy kingdom is shocked by the alarming news: Thumbelina is gone, and no one knows where to look for her. The search is significantly complicated by a weird event: the growth of the young girl is only an inch, and none of the people of standard dimensions can be entrusted with such a mission without risk for the tiny Thumbelina. The inconsolable mother calls the best detectives Sher and Lok from the "Miniature Detective Agency".



  • Sher : Artem Bordovsky (Артём Бордовский)
  • Lok : Alexander Berg (Александр Берг)
  • Thumbelina : Anastasia Lukyanova (Анастасия Лукьянова)
  • The Prince : Victor Kirichek (Виктор Киричёк)
  • The Mole : Gennady Spiridenkov (Геннадий Спириденков)
  • Jaba : Olga Yakovleva (Ольга Яковлева)
  • Zhabenok : Evgeny Talashmanov (Евгений Талашманов)
  • Mother Mouse : Arina Revnivkh (Арина Ревнивых)
  • Police, Ladybugs, Ballet group : Sergey Kochiev (), Alexander Efanov (Александр Ефанов), Karine Aslanian (Каринэ Асланян), Claudia Magomedtagirov (Клавдия Магомедтагирова)
  • ? : Vyacheslav Shtyps (Вячеслав Штыпс)


  • Director : Dmitry Sarvin (Дмитрий Сарвин)
  • Composer : Alexander Baraev (Александр Бараев)
  • Choreographer : Ruslan Shemetov (Руслан Шеметов)
  • Artistic Director : Daniela Daneliya Галина Данелия


  • 13-14 may : Malaya Bronnaya Theater (Moscow, Russia)
  • 3 june : The Variety Theater A. Raikin (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • 25 june : Pyor Fomenko Workshop Theater (Moscow, Russia)
  • 22 october : Theatre Near Finland (St. Petersburg, Russia)