A Rural Sherlock Holmes (article 6 april 1905)

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A Rural Sherlock Holmes is a comical fiction published in The Gympie Times on 6 april 1905.

A Rural Sherlock Holmes

The Gympie Times (6 april 1905, p. 3)

In a northern market town a colt had been lost, and search for it had been in vain. A group of inhabitants were discussing the mystery, and a half-witted fellow was listening to the conversation.

"I think I could find your horse," he suddenly said to Sam Jones, the man who owned the colt.

"You? Rot! How do you think you could find him when we have had the best men in the town looking for him?"

"Well," said Jim, "I could try, couldn't I?"

"Yes," answered the owner, "you can try, and if you find him I'll give you half a sov."

"All right," said Jim, and he walked away. To the surprise of all, he returned in less than half an hour leading the missing horse.

"Well, well," said Jones, as he took the animal and handed over the reward. "How in the world did you find him?"

"This way. I thought, 'Now, If I was a horse, where would I go?" And so I went there, and he was on the spot."