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22 May 1859, Edinburgh M.D., Kt, KStJ, D.L., LL.D., Sportsman, Writer, Poet, Politician, Justicer, Spiritualist Crowborough, 7 July 1930

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* [[User:Seeta Nyary|Seeta Nyary]] (48)
* [[User:Seeta Nyary|Seeta Nyary]] (48)
* [[User:Mike Foy|Mike Foy]] (46)
* [[User:Mike Foy|Mike Foy]] (46)
* [[User:Brian W. Pugh|Brian W. Pugh]] (39)
* [[User:Brian W. Pugh|Brian W. Pugh]] (40)
* [[User:Roger Johnson|Roger Johnson]] (33)
* [[User:Roger Johnson|Roger Johnson]] (33)
* [[User:Garth Willey|Garth Willey]] (28)
* [[User:Garth Willey|Garth Willey]] (28)

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