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Actors v. Authors (MCC 1908)

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Actors v. Authors is a cricket result published in the Marylebone Cricket Club, Matches for the Season, 1908.

Result was a draw.

Actors v. Authors

Thursday, July 16.


  • Harold Wilde, c Bleakley b Cleveland-Stevens ... 5
  • J. Saville Foster, st Headlam b Cleveland-Stevens ... 2
  • B. S. Foster, c Anderson b Carrick ... 9
  • V. O'Connor, not out ... 8
  • Leslie Holland, not out ... 0
  • B 1, l-b, w, n-b ... 1
  • Total ... 25

C. Aubrey Smith, R. Selby, B. Egerton, Talbot Homewood, P. F. Knox, and H. H. Ainley did not bat.


Major F. G. Guggisberg, Sir A. Conan Doyle, S. S. Pawling, C. Headlam, H. Carrick, A. Anderson, W. Rhoades, A. H. Wood, E. Cleveland Stevens, H. Bleakley, and P. G. Wodehouse did not bat.

Umpires — Mycroft and Pougher.

Scorers — Whiteside and Russell.

Drawn. Wet.

  • Acknowledgement: Brian Pugh.