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Alleged Shopbreaker at Victoria Street

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Alleged Shopbreaker at Victoria Street is an article published in the Westminster & Pimlico News on 17 february 1928.

Alleged Shopbreaker at Victoria Street

Westminster & Pimlico News
(17 february 1928, p. 2)

Lewis Bennett, 22, clerk, 364 Northampton-building, Clerkenwell, was charged, on remand, with breaking and entering the Psychic Bookshop, Abbey House, Victoria street, and stealing stamps, etc., valued at £1 10s. 7d., the property of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and further with being in possession of & housebreaking implement — a jemmy — by night. — Last week evidence was given by P.C. 705A, who saw prisoner leave the shop at 3.30 on the morning of February 6. The officer gave chase as prisoner ran away and threw down a jemmy. Then he climbed a hoarding by St. James's Park station, and was found hiding behind some timber. — Miss Lena Faulkner, librarian at the Psychic Bookshop, said she secured the premises on Saturday, February 4, about 4 20. She had hidden the bulk of the days takings, with the exception of about 5s. worth of coppers. some stamps, £1 worth, of various values, were taken. — Station-sergeant Jordan, 4A, said that at 4.30 a.m. on the 6th he visited the premises referred to, and found the shop door unlocked, but pulled to. He entered, and on looking round saw everything in great disorder, papers and books having been strewn about the floor, and cupboards and desks opened. The door of the shop bore no marks of having been forced; it appeared to have been simply unlocked. — Bennett, who now did not wish to my anything beyond that everything which had been said and taken down was quite correct, was committed for trial at the County of London Sessions. — Bail — one surety in £20 —was allowed, the prisoner's father being accepted.