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Anonymous Letters

Anonymous Letters is the 8th episode in season 2 of the BBC TV series: The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Aired on 19 march 1973. 50 min.

Dagobert Trostler is a fictional character created by Adalbert Goldscheider, aka "Balduin Groller".

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Plot summary

A recently married Habsburg countess hires dashing private detective Dagobert Trostler to find out who has been sending her obscene letters. The writer clearly knows her most intimate secrets, as well as those of a friend who is likewise receiving compromising letters.


  • Dagobert Trostler : Ronald Lewis
  • Countess Nadja : Nicola Pagett
  • Countess Tildy Leys : Carolyn Jones
  • Archiduc Othmar : Michael Aldridge
  • Walter Frankenburg : Francis de Wolff
  • Dr. Heinrich Weinlich : Harold Hasket
  • Herr Wiegand : Bill Horsley
  • Berthold : Denis Thorne
  • Deubner : Brian Protheroe
  • Ambassador : Alan Cullen
  • Lenke : Geoffrey Colville
  • Count Czernik : Michael Mulcaster

  • Director : Dennis Vance
  • Screenplay : Anthony Steven
  • Producers : Jonathan Alwyn, Kim Mills
  • Music : Robert Sharples