Bill Pullman

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Bill Pullman in Zero Effect

Bill Pullman (born 17 december 1953) is an American actor who played the role of Daryl Zero, "The world's greatest detective," in Zero Effect, an American sherlockian movie written and directed by Jake Kasdan, released in 1998. The plot is based on A Scandal in Bohemia and features a modern Sherlock Holmes, assisted by the lawyer Steve Arlo (played by Ben Stiller). The detective is faced with a female adversary Gloria Sullivan (played by Kim Dickens) and falls in love with her. Paranoid, Zero lives shut up in his apartment, the door has 17 locks (as many as stairs at 221B Baker Street). In 2002, the script of this film was used as pilot of a new TV series with same title, but NBC finally abandoned the project. In the pilot, Daryl Zero was played by Alan Cumming.