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23 May 2024

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  • curprev 23:0823:08, 23 May 2024TCDE-Team talk contribs 2,998 bytes +2,998 Created page with " Bliss Phoebe MacLaren aka Bliss Milford (1886-1970) was an American actress, screenwriter, songwriter and singer who was active in Hollywood during the silent era. In 1914 she played the main role Sally in The Sherlock Holmes Girl. The plot is not related to Arthur Conan Doyle stories. == Photos == <gallery mode="" heights=""> File:motography-1914-09-05-p333-bliss-milford-photo.jpg|Motography (5 september 1914, p. 333) File:the-moving-picture-world-1914-10-2..."