Brigadier Gerard

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The Crime of the Brigadier, by Sidney Paget
The Marriage of the Brigadier, by Gilbert Holiday

The brigadier Etienne Gerard, a french hussard of the Napoleon army, is a recurrent character created by Arthur Conan Doyle appearing in 18 stories : 17 short stories and 1 novel (Uncle Bernac). They are a mix of historical and humoristic stories where the brigadier is conceited, pretending to be the best soldier and seducer of his country.

Published for the first time in the The Strand Magazine between december 1894 and september 1910, and collected in The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard in february 1896 and in Adventures of Gerard in september 1903.

Stories of the Gerard saga



Year Title Performer Media Country
1903 The Adventures of Gerard James O'Neill Play USA
1906 Brigadier Gerard Lewis Waller Play UK
1906 Brigadier Gerard Kyrle Bellew Play USA
1907 Brigadier Gerard Edmund Waller Play UK
1915 Brigadier Gerard Lewis Waller Silent movie UK
1921 Un drame sous Napoléon Paul Cabanel Silent movie France
1927 The Fighting Eagle Rod La Rocque Silent movie US
1954 How the Brigadier Won His Medals Claude Dauphin TV US
1970 The Adventures of Gerard Peter McEnery Movie UK / CH