Cerebral Sherlock

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Cerebral Sherlock (PC)

Cerebral Sherlock is a French point-and-click video game developed and published by Anuman Interactive on 10 november 2007 (PC).

The game is for young teens from 8 years-old.

Editor's Description

Inspired by the legendary investigations of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Cerebral leads the player alongside the famous Doctor Watson on the footsteps of the terrible Jimmy, a notorious bandit who travels time with his time-machine.

Designed from the method of Dr. Roni Horowitz who solves problems creatively, Cerebral Sherlock is especially designed to boost brain skills of young players. Thinking, logic and observation skills are the best weapons to overcome this investigation. A progressive plot in which Sherlock Holmes is ready to intervene at any time to help the child.

Four levels including mini-games taking place at different times of history: Western, antiques... In addition, three bonus games to unlock: a shooter, a race and a maze game.