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Cits Šerloks Holmss

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Cits Šerloks Holmss (2006)

Cits Šerloks Holmss (Another Sherlock Holmes) is a Latvian 2-act play written by Raimonds Pauls and Janis Peters and directed by Andris Berzins, premiered on 6 december 2006 at Daile Theater (Riga, Latvia), starring Peter Liepins as Sherlock Holmes and Juris Kalnins as Dr. Watson.




  • Director : Andris Berzins
  • Playwrights : Raimonds Pauls, Janis Peters
  • Music : Juris Vaivods
  • Costumes : Ilze Vitolina
  • Scenography : Aigars Ozolins
  • Booklet : Lenvija Sile
  • Choregraphy : Alexander Tihomirova