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Here is the list of Arthur Conan Doyle novels or short stories aired on radio since 1930. This represents hundreds of episodes, thousands of hours and many performers.

The first one was aired on 20 october 1930, only 3 months after Conan Doyle's death.

Conan Doyle as a character

Title ACD Performer Country
14.01.1995 Conan Doyle's Strangest Case Peter Jeffrey UK
12.12.1987 Audio available Conan Doyle and The Edalji Case Iain Cuthbertson UK
11.10.1987 The Man Who Wanted to Murder Sherlock Holmes Redmond Phillips Australia
18.01.1986 Audio available The Mystery of the Reluctant Storyteller Bruce Douglas UK
28.12.1981 Audio available The Silver Mirror Gordon Gould UK
22.06.1980 Audio available The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Frank Finlay UK
06.05.1972 Audio available Conan Doyle Investigates Carleton Hobbs UK
19.12.1963 Audio available The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Marius Goring UK
26.05.1959 Audio available Les Maîtres du mystère : Sir Arthur mène l'enquête
Masters of Mystery: Sir Arthur investigates
Georges Wilson France
23.05.1959 Sherlock Holmes' Vanskeligste Sak
Sherlock Holmes' Hardest Case
Jon Lennart Mjøen Norway

Non-Sherlock Holmes stories

Title Saga Performer Country
12.07.1998 Audio available The Lost World Armin Shimerman as Professor Challenger USA
1989 Audio available Затерянный мир (The Lost World)   Rogvold Sukhoverko as Professor Challenger RU
28.12.1981 Audio available The Silver Mirror Gordon Gould as Arthur Conan Doyle USA
11.01.1965 The White Company x9 Stanley MacKenzie as Sir Nigel Loring USA
11.08.1947 Audio available The Ring of Thoth Thomas Freebairn-Smith as John Vansittart Smith USA
22.08.1937 Audio available The Song of the Bow song by Nelson Eddy USA
28.10.1924 A Duet   by the 5NO's Repertory Company UK
05.06.1924 A Duet   by the 5SC's Repertory Company UK

Sherlock Holmes stories

Title Sherlock Holmes Country
22.01.2023 The Hound of the Baskervilles Mark Gatiss UK
05.11.2018 Mrs Hudson's Radio Show Orlando Wells UK
26.09.2017 The Misadventure of the Disobliging Cadaver   Iain Morris USA
17.09.2017 Sherlock Holmes ve státních službách  
Sherlock Holmes in Public Services
Jan Hájek Czech Rep.
09.09.2017 Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Speckled Band   William Matus USA
14.07.2017 Murders and Scandals: Poe and Doyle   Andrew Harrington USA
24.06.2017 Bandsalate für Sherlock Holmes
Tangled Tapes for Sherlock Holmes
Patrick Giese Germany
10.03.2017 Sherlock Holmes und der Diebstahl der Quadriga
Sherlock Holmes and the Theft of the Quadriga
Patrick Giese Germany
31.07.2016 Sherlock Holmes und der Doppelgänger aus der Zukunft
Sherlock Holmes and the Doppelganger from the Future
Patrick Giese Germany
21.05.2016 Sherlock Holmes und der Unmögliche Fall
Sherlock Holmes and the Impossible Case
Patrick Giese Germany
14.10.2016 The Case of the Dead Adventuress   Gabe Grey Canada
11.11.2015 El Signo de los Cuatro
The Sign of Four
Sergio Peris-Mencheta Spain
2014-2017 Sherlock Holmes x6 Stefan Gille Germany
20.07.2013 The Curious Case of the Clockwork Killer Ryan Lawrence Flynn USA
22.01.2013 Die Tanzenden Männchen
The Dancing Men
Markus Klauk Germany
2010-2011 Sherlock Holmes Jim Crozier UK
11.06.2010 The Great Detective Jim Crozier UK
2009-2010 Sherlock Holmes x5 Viktor Preiss Czech Rep.
23.10.2009 Stück Der Teufelsfuß
The Devil's Foot
Markus Klauk Germany
2008-2010 Sherlock Holmes x5 France
17.06.2008 Holmes Alone (The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd E0710) Stan Freberg USA
11.06.2008 Making the Case (The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd E0709) Stan Freberg USA
2005-2014 The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x34 John Patrick Lowrie, Lawrence Albert USA
26.08.2003 The True Confessions of Sherlock Holmes Simon Munnery UK
2003 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Krzysztof Stawowy Poland
16.01.1999 The Newly Discovered Casebook of Sherlock Holmes x6 Roy Hudd UK
1998-2014 The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x105 Dennis Bateman, John Patrick Lowrie, Lawrence Albert, John Gilbert USA
1997-1999 Sherlock Holmes x2 Jean-Gabriel Nordmann France
1994-1996 Sherlock Holmes x3 Eric Dufay France
1994 Убийство в Эбби-Грейндж
Murder in the Abbey Grange
Artem Karapetyan Russia
09.01.1993 The Seven Per-Cent Solution Simon Callow UK
02.06.1990 The Singular Case of Sherlock H. and Sigmund F. Ronald Pickup UK
06.05.1989 Sherlock's Last Case Dinsdale Landen UK
1988-2010 The BBC Presents: Sherlock Holmes x77 Roger Rees, Clive Merrison UK
11.10.1987 The Man Who Wanted to Murder Sherlock Holmes Tim Elliot Australia
24.05.1986 The Valley of Fear Tim Pigott-Smith UK
18.01.1986 Audio available The Mystery of the Reluctant Storyteller Mark Wing-Davey UK
1985 Skradziony diament
The Stolen Diamond
Jan Matyjaszkiewicz Poland
02.01.1983 Second Holmes x6 Peter Egan UK
1982 Das Schaudererregende Abenteuer im Orient-Expreß
The Shuddering Exciting Adventure of the Orient Express
Klaus Herm Germany
19.12.1986 Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula John Moffatt UK
1981-1982 Sherlock Holmes x3 Gordon Gould USA
22.06.1980 Audio available The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Denys Hawthorne UK
1979 A Scandal in Bohemia John Cooke USA
1979-1985 Audio available The Stories of Sherlock Holmes x50 Graham Armitage South Africa
1979 The Incredible Murder of Cardinal Tosca John Neville Canada
1978 Audio available Sherlock Holmes x13 Barry Foster UK
1977-1987 Sherlock Holmes x14 Svatopluk Beneš Czech Rep.
19.01.1977 The Sherlock Holmes Society Stephen Thorne UK
1976-1979 Sherlock Holmes x14 Piotr Fronczewski Poland
10.03.1976 The Baker Street Regulars Stephen Thorne UK
21.01.1974 A Study in Scarlet Robert Powell UK
16.08.1973 Le Ruban moucheté Raymond Rouleau France
09.01.1971 Baskervilles hund
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Georg Arlin Sweden
1970~1980 Sherlock Holmes on greek radio with Andreas Barkoulis (SH) & Giorgos Moshidis (W) Andreas Barkoulis Greece
1970~1980 Sherlock Holmes on greek radio with Andreas Moustras (SH) & Theodoulos Moreas (W) Andreas Moustras Greece
1969-1980 Sherlock Holmes x34 Nigel Stock UK
22.10.1968 The Blue Carbuncle Norman Shelley UK
??.??.1968 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x13 Carl Pilo USA
??.08.1968 En Studie i rødt
A Study in Scarlet
Henrik Bentzon Denmark
10.06.1968 De fires tegn
The Sign of Four
Jørgen Reenberg Denmark
24.02.1968 Scenes from Gullorgneften Jens Gundersen Denmark
26.09.1967 Scenes from De fyras tecken
Scenes from The Sign of Four
Georg Arlin Sweden
1967 Sherlock Holmes x9 Robert Langford South Africa
24.04.1967 Ur Baskervilles Hund
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Jörgen Cederberg Sweden
24.04.1967 Det spräckliga bandet
The Speckled Band
Jörgen Cederberg Sweden
1966 Narzeczony panny Mary
The Bride of Mary
Bronisław Pawlik Poland
21.07.1965 Prioratskolen
The Priory School
Henrik Bentzon Denmark
1965 Czciciel parasola
The Umbrella Worshiper
Mieczysław Pawlikowski Poland
14.01.1964 Baskervilles hund
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Ebbe Rode Denmark
19.12.1963 Audio available The Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes Alan Wheatley UK
1963-1964 Sherlock Holmes x13 Fridtjof Mjøen Norway
1962 Der Geheimnisvolle Fall der Weihnachtsgans
The Mysterious Case of the Christmas Goose
Peter Pasetti Germany
1961-1962 Sherlock Holmes x6 Erling Lindahl Norway
01.03.1960 Den guldbågade pincenén
The Golden Pince-Nez
Georg Arlin Sweden
27.12.1959 De tre studenterna
The Three Students
Georg Arlin Sweden
18.12.1959 Bruce Partington-planerne
The Bruce-Partington Plans
Bendt Rothe Denmark
1959 The Sign of Four Richard Hurndall UK
1959 Zagadka Brook Street
The Brook Street Riddle
Tadeusz Łomnicki Poland
23.05.1959 Sherlock Holmes' Vanskeligste Sak Fridtjof Mjøen Norway
1958-1959 Sherlock Holmes x2 Knut M. Hansson Norway
26.10.1958 Radio Pastiche: Les investigations de Sherlock Holdup: Une curieuse disparition Michel Mery (as Sherlock Holdup) FR
20.06.1958 The Blue Carbuncle ?? (Adapted by Aelred Horn) UK
1958 Les Enquêtes de Sherlock Holmes x38 Maurice Teynac, Michel Etcheverry, Georges Descrières France
1958 Pani Holmes w akcji
Mrs. Holmes in action
Mieczysław Milecki Poland
12.11.1958 Sherlock Holmes ?? (produced by Raymond Raikes) UK
23.04.1957 The Hound of the Baskervilles Noel Johnson UK
1957 Sherlock Holmes, Kobieta i zaginiony lekarz
Sherlock Holmes, The Woman and The Missing Doctor
Mieczysław Milecki Poland
1957 Tchelovek v Kebe. Tayana Torfyanih Bolot
A Man in the Cab. The Secret of the Moor
Rostislav Plyatt Russia
??.09.1956 The Adventure of the Speckled Band Sebastian Shaw UK
1956 Studium w szkarłacie
A Study in Scarlet
Jan Świderski Poland
1956 Przygoda w Foukles Rath
An Adventure in Foukles Rath
Jan Świderski Poland
1955 Watsonie - twój przyjaciel umiera
Watson - your friend dies
Michał Melina Poland
1955 Pies Baskervill'ów
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Michał Melina Poland
05.07.1955 Audio available Le Chien des Baskerville
The Hound of the Baskervilles
Henri Guisol France
1954-1955 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x28 John Gielgud USA
1952 Sherlock Holmes Jean Debucourt France
1952-1969 Sherlock Holmes x75 Carleton Hobbs UK
1949-1950 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x39 Ben Wright USA
27.12.1948 The Adventure of the Speckled Band Howard Marion Crawford UK
1947-1949 Audio available Sherlock Holmes x78 John Stanley USA
1946-1947 Audio available The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x39 Tom Conway USA
17.05.1945 Audio available The Adventure of the Speckled Band Sir Cedric Hardwicke UK
04.11.1945 Audio available Request Performance: Sherlock Holmes Nigel Bruce USA
17.09.1943 Sherlock Holmes Poul Reumert Denmark
09.08.1945 Silver Blaze Laidman Browne UK
03.07.1943 The Boscombe Valley Mystery Arthur Wontner UK
1939-1946 Audio available The (New) Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x217 Basil Rathbone USA
25.09.1938 Audio available Sherlock Holmes Orson Welles USA
12.04.1938 Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of Silver Blaze F. Wyndham Goldie UK
19.04.1937 La Table tournante : Sherlock Holmès (by Pierre Bergerac) ? France
1937 The Charlie McCarthy Show Edgar Bergen & his puppet Charlie USA
1936 Audio available The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x48 Louis Hector USA
1935 Sherlock Holmes William Gillette USA
1930-1935 Audio available The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes x130 E01: William Gillette
E02-03: Clive Brook
E04+: Richard Gordon
Louis Hector (1934-1935)
20.06.1929 Retold Tales: A Study in Scarlet ? USA
30.05.1929 Retold Tales: The Sign of the Four ? USA
09.11.1922 The Sign of the Four Edward H. Smith USA

Other shows

List of radio shows (interviews, lectures, debates...) :

Title Channel Country
27.02.2023 Audio available Historiquement Vôtre : Ils ont mis de la préhistoire dans leur art !
Historically Yours: They inserted preshistory in their art!
Europe 1 FR
21.12.2019 Audio available Sir Arthur Conan Doyle et la Normandie
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Normandy
France Bleu FR
20.12.2019 Audio available L'horlogerie dans les romans de Conan Doyle
Clockmaking in Conan Doyle's Novels
France Bleu FR
11.07.2019 Audio available Sherlock Holmes, la classe élémentaire
Sherlock Holmes, the elementary class
France Inter FR
01.07.2017 Audio available Sherlock Holmes, ce héros inusable qui résiste au temps qui passe
Sherlock Holmes, the indestructible hero resisting time
France Culture FR
30.04.2013 Great Lives S30E05: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle BBC UK
12.01.2013 Audio available Le mythe Sherlock Holmes   RTS CH
15.11.1988 The Wrong Cab WVXU USA
12.08.1987 Centenary, My Dear Watson   BBC UK
18.05.1987 Inheritance: Father and Daughter
(Interview with Dame Jean Conan Doyle, by June Knox-Mawer)
11.06.1983 States of Mind WPR USA
25.12.1980 The Entire Canon KPFK USA
31.05.1977 Hesketh Pearson Reconsidered: The Case of the Blood Relative BBC UK
11.05.1975 Sherlock Holmes
(hosted by Barry Magarick)
12.02.1974 Sherlock Holmes Still Lives ABC USA
07.01.1946 Sherlock Holmes: A special birthday tribute
(by Noah André Trudeau)
1946 Perry Como's Supper Club
(guest appearance of Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes)