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Dickens in Spirit Talks

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Dickens in "Spirit" Talks is an article published in the Daily Mail on 29 october 1927.

While he gave a speech at the Grotrian Hall, Arthur Conan Doyle told the story of the spirit of Charles Dickens.

Dickens in Spirit Talks

Daily Mail (29 october 1927, p. 5)

Sir A. Conan Doyle on an Edwin Drood Conversation.

"Charles, if you please." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle told an audience at the Grotrian Hall, London, that this was the request of the "spirit" of Charles Dickens at a séance.

Sir Arthur said he had been addressing the "spirit" as "Mr. Dickens," and the request was made with the comment "We like friends to be friends." He said he realised the presence of Charles Dickens when a medium spelled out backwards the words "Boz is buzzing about."

Answering the question "Was Edwin Drood dead?" the "spirit" said "No, he was not. I was sorry to go across before I got him out of his troubles. The poor chap had a hard time. I do not know which is better — to solve it in your notebook or to leave it a mystery. Edwin is alive, and Cris (the Rev. Crisparkle) is hiding him."