Doctor Watson: The Riddle of the Catacomb

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Doctor Watson : The Riddle of the Catacomb (PC)

Doctor Watson : The Riddle of the Catacomb (aka Doctor Watson 2) is an hidden object/puzzle video game (PC, Mac) developed and published by Ikaron, released on 9 november 2012 (18 june 2015 on Mac).

Also known as: Doctor Watson 2 : The Riddle of the Catacomb

Editor's description

In this new & successful "3D Hidden Object" game Dr Watson will experience exciting adventures in amazing destinations. Dr. Watson experiences his adventures in First-Person-View and moves through mysterious rooms, hiding-places and magical places where he has to find different objects to solve the mystery of the game. All these scenes are in 3D and there are many interactive objects. You can search in drawers for objects, throw a vase from the shelf and have a look behind or in boxes and chests. Sometimes you will have to combine objects to find the required items. An exciting evolving story and on-going twists will take you through this fantastic world.