Dorking and District v. M.C.C. and Ground

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Dorking and District v. M.C.C. and Ground is a cricket result published in The Dorking Advertiser on 22 july 1899.

Result was a draw.

Dorking and District v. M.C.C. and Ground

The Dorking Advertiser (22 july 1899, p. 3)

This match was played on the Pixham ground on Wednesday, and was witnessed by a fairly large number of spectators. The visitors, batting first on a hard and true wicket, took every opportunity which this advantage offered, though the opening was none too promising, Bromley Davenport being sent back at 11, and F. W. Bovill at 48. Then H. Webber, who had been playing steadily from the first, was joined by M. F. Wingfield, and the two defied the bowling, and carried the score to 132, when Webber's useful innings was brought to a close. He had contributed 78 runs, and his hits included eleven boundaries. W. A. J. West took his place, and another long partnership ensued, no less than 141 runs being added before the newcomer got his dismissal. Wingfield had, in the meantime, been batting magnificently, and his dismissal was ultimately brought about by a catch by Trower of R. C. Bovill. His score was 125, the result of some fine free batting, which included 17 fours. The innings eventually closed for 344. Wakeford, who bore the brunt of the attack, took six wickets at the cost of 118 runs. Dorking opened with H. H. Cross and K. Christopherson. Both batsmen began cautiously, but when they had got their eye in they hit out to good purpose. Cross was especially severe on Cranfield, whom he twice hit out of the ground. When Christopherson left no one could be got to stay with Cross, who gave a display of thoroughly good cricket, and who, when finally disposed of, had made 86. The freeness of his hitting may be gathered from the fact that besides two sixes, he made 15 boundary hits. Capt. Jaffray and E. L. Trower scored a few runs, and the total was only 194 for eight wickets when C. H. Blake and R. C. Bovill got together. The chances appeared all against Dorking, but these two batsmen played with exceptional caution, and managed to keep their wickets intact until the drawing of stumps thus securing a draw, and saving their side from defeat. Score:—


  • H. Webber, c Cross, b R. C. Bovill ... 78
  • Bromley Davenport, c Olivier, b Wakeford ... 7
  • F. W. Bovill, b Mortimer ... 5
  • M. F. Wingfield, c Trower, b Bovill ... 125
  • W. A. J. West, c Mortimer, b Bovill ... 63
  • F. Hill, c Barry, b Wakeford ... 4
  • A. Conan Doyle, b Wakeford ... 9
  • Hon. Montagu Forbes, b Wakeford ... 0
  • Cranfield, b Wakeford ... 24
  • Dr. Scanlon, b Wakeford ... 1
  • W. Dorling, not out ... 4
  • Extras ... 24
  • Total ... 344


  • R. H. Cross, c Cranfield, b Conan Doyle ... 86
  • H. Christopherson, run out ... 34
  • M. B. Bovill, lbw, b Conan Doyle ... 5
  • F. Barry, st Davenport, b Cranfield ... 5
  • Capt. Jaffray, b Cranfield ... 36
  • E. Mortimer, b Conan Doyle ... 0
  • E. L. Trower, c Forbes, b West ... 27
  • G. H. Olivier, c Dorling, b Cranfield ... 1
  • C. H. Blake, not out ... 19
  • R. C. Bovill, not out ... 15
  • Wakeford did not bat ... 0
  • Extras ... 10
  • Total (for 8 wickets) ... 238